Managing a company requires not only sound knowledge but also special tools. With a plethora of different systems available in the market, entrepreneurs may have a difficult time trying to find the best software to meet their specific needs. Though they may have a pretty good idea of what kind of software they would like, there is no guarantee their chosen system will be best for their line of business.

As a leading vendor developing software supporting SME management, InsERT offers reliable, state-of-the-art and effective solutions. These include systems supporting trade, manufacturing, accounting, financial and payroll departments and allowing to analyse a company's situation.

Thanks to our software's versatile functionalities a diverse group of clients can successfully use it. When buying our software, entrepreneurs can also use the solutions suggested by Insert to customise the systems according to their specific needs and requirements.

Besides developing state-of-the-art software InsERT also provides professional support to our system users. We listen attentively to feedback from our clients. We use their suggestions and proposals for changes as a basis for a continuous product improvement.