History in brief

InsERT history began with the development of our flagship software called Subiekt – a system supporting sales of goods. The first Subiekt was developed in 1991 r. by a company called Pro (today's El-Pro). InsERT's current owner and CEO was the creative mind and developer of Subiekt.

When Subiekt 3 was launched in 1993, InsERT became the sole proprietor of Subiekt.

Today Subiekt is part of the InsERT GT line – a number of integrated systems including Rachmistrz GT for simplified bookkeeping, a financial and accounting system called Rewizor GT, a payroll and HR software called Gratyfikant GT, as well as Gestor GT, our CRM system.

One of the latest additions is Navireo - an integrated ERP system supporting management of medium-sized companies.

In June 2008 InsERT changed its legal status and became a joint-stock company. Since then the official and full name of the company has been InsERT S.A.

In December 2009 InsERT became part of TETA Capital Group who bought 35% of InsERT shares. Grupa KapitaƂowa TETA consists of the following companies: TETA S.A., InsERT S.A., Pyton Management Sp. z o.o., TETA HR Center Sp. z o.o. oraz VT-Soft Kft. In August 2010 a Dutch company Unit 4 bought 100% shares of TETA S.A. Unit 4 develops, deploys and supports its systems used in companies all over the world.

Highlights of 2010:

  • By November 2010 InsERT had sold 400 thousand licenses thus supporting over 250 thousand small- and medium-sized enterprises in Poland.
  • InsERT Academy was created – a set of multimedia training courses for our software users and authorised partners.
  • We came of age – our systems have been supporting Polish firms for 18 years.
  • In February the company moved its headquarters to a brand new building.